meet christine

I'm Christine Dawood, an Organisational Psychologist, Executive Coach, and Agent for Change with a strong belief that everybody can reach their true potential.


In my work as a coach I draw on a range of models and approaches but in particular cognitive-behavioural, person-centred, solution-focused, and strengths-based methodologies. It is about personal growth, creativity, performance, ‘stretching’, and action.


I grew up in a quaint medium-sized town in the Inn-river valley in the heart of the Bavarian Alps. In the midst of all that idyll was my parents’ home-textile business, nurturing my love for fabrics and people. The endless hours I spent playing in the storage room while growing up (many a roll of fabric fell victim to my imaginations) led me to pursue a career in textile manufacturing, including a BSc (Dipl. Ing.) in Textile Technology and Management.  

Because “the law of love knows no bounds of space and time” (Ghandi), I moved to Pakistan in 2002 but after a short ‘baby-break’, I ached to get back to work. I started my own successful agriculture business by introducing organic farming to Punjab on a commercial scale, supplying leading hotels and wholesale chains with fresh organic produce. The different climate, language, traditions, and work ethics were challenging but the reward was a deeper understanding and appreciation of cultural diversity.

In 2010 I got transferred to Singapore to establish a family office but was gradually nudged into the position of the ‘caretaker’, handling the ‘softer’, emotional side of the operations and the family behind the business.  

It was during this experience that my fascination with group behaviour grew and I realised in order to really help leaders, teams, and family-members to reach their full potential I needed to become better equipped. To reach this goal I pursued two masters. An Executive Masters in ‘Consulting and Coaching for Change’ with Said Business School, Oxford, & HEC Paris and a MSc in ‘Occupational & Business Psychology’ with Kingston University, London.

Now I’m using my experience and knowledge to help SMEs and family-owned businesses to move forward.


I specialise in supporting business families to build their capacity to operate within the business and help to set boundaries so that neither the business or the business family suffers.  Furthermore, I coach individuals and teams to increase resilience, enhance well-being, overcome blocks of change, build self-awareness, and to support their self-development.


Christine Dawood

MSc in Occupational and Business Psychology

MSc in Consulting and Coaching for Change


Primary Certificate in Performance Coaching

Primary Certificate in Stress Management

BPS Qualified Test User (RQTU) Ability and Personality

Accredited to use: HPI, HDS, MVPI, Strenghtscope, ECR (Emotional Capital Report), 15FQ+


Affiliate Member of the British Psychological Society (BPS)

Member of the Association for Business Psychology (abp)

Member of the International Society for Coaching Psychology (ISCP)

Member of the Association for Coaching (AC)