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Bespoke trainings and workshops

Whether you are looking for workshops on resillience, well-being, teambuilding or how to prepare the next generation of leaders, we will design an engaging and interactive session that will meet your business requirements. This includes a preceding Training Needs Analysis to determine gaps in knowledge.

Our Training Designs are all built on empirical evidence and incorporate the latest research in occupational psychology and other relevant social sciences. We will work closely with you to find the right content.

Your satisfaction is our main priority; therefore, our Training Delivery will only happen after you have given your approval of the design and outline.

Participant engagement is crucial, and we take their feedback seriously. We will analyse the feedback forms and report back to you on how the training has been perceived.


To give you an idea, here are a few workshop we have facilitated recently.

Adaptive Capacity 

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Adaptive Capacity is your capacity for navigating the complexity and uncertainty of our world in not only healthy but effective ways.  Adaptive capacity is more than just coping, bouncing back or being resilient in difficult times.  We build our adaptive capacity through increasing awareness of our own levels of resilience, understanding the resources we can call on, and how we can sustain this over time, not just when times are tough. This is key to your overall sense of well-being and performance.  These sessions are based on extensive research from the Resilience Engine® and will introduce you to some key concepts and provide some practical recommendations for becoming more resilient and building your adaptive capacity.


Cultural Sensitivity

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A vast majority of managers who conduct business internationally have little understanding about how culture is impacting their work. This is especially true as more and more of us communicate daily with people in other countries over virtual media like zoom or email.

Securing an international advantage requires executives capable of rapidly adapting to an ever-evolving, highly competitive global marketplace, mastering cross-cultural relationships and creating winning strategies that integrate both local and global perspectives. You will learn to bridge cultural gaps and gain a practical perspective on how to work in a complex, cross-border, multicultural environment.


Well-being @ the Workplace 

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Poor mental health was the most common cause of long-term sickness absence in the UK in 2018 and stress-related absence in a Covid World is rapidly increasing. Most mental health issues are a combination of problems people face at work and outside work and are therefore partly the responsibility of organisations and not the individuals alone.

This interactive workshop is designed to help employees to find ways to improve their wellbeing at the workplace and enable managers to learn how to support their subordinates. Poor wellbeing can affect people’s work performance and prevention is more effective than waiting for absenteeism to build up. 


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