Coaching can be used for a variety of areas, including:

Performance anxiety
Fear of failure
Worry about being weak or not in control
Poor time management
Having a short fuse when under pressure


We at 'Next Step Now' aim to:

Facilitate successful coachee outcomes
Support decision making
Encourage learning
Tackle barriers to change



We offer Cognitive Behavioural Coaching to enable individuals to make changes in their working lives, reduce stress, and promote wellbeing. Together, we will determine your objectives and agree on your expectations. You are your own best expert and by learning to think more skilfully you can become more resilient and cope better with the pressures faced in the workplace.



Group coaching is designed to help members of a group to gain an understanding of the group’s strengths, weaknesses, and culture, and what may support or hinder the group’s effectiveness in light of the group’s character, business, context, and goals. A group can be a team, the family, or the board.

To improve team performance, we profile all group members, establish ‘where we are now’, have coaching conversations about ‘where we want to be’, and set up mechanisms to ensure a successful and sustainable change.



Typically, a coaching program consists of 6-10 sessions of 60-90 minutes each. This usually includes a pre-session Strengths-based or Personality-based assessment where personal development areas are identified. In conjunction with the coaching, tailored exercises are encouraged to get maximum benefit out of your coaching experience. 

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Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximise their own performance.John Whitmore